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New filter for 20L planted

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Hey guys,
I just started my dry start HC carpet in my tank. I have Aquasoil as my substrate and a Coralife 2x31w T5HO fixture. I have not yet bought any equipment for when I flood the tank. I am going to get the GLA Primo CO2 system with the in-line diffuser, and an Eheim 2213 filter.

My question is, what would be the ideal filter media to use when I first fill the tank? Note I will not be adding any livestock for about a month or so after filling it up.

I read in PLantbrain's DSM post that the tank will be completely cycled by the time I fill it up, but since I will be using a brand new filter I'm not sure this will be the case with me.

I'll post some pics of my tank after work. Thanks in advance
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In my 20L I just used all the media that came with my 2213, minus the carbon pad. If you're going to go heavily planted with a light fish load, you can probably ditch the substrat bio media and just add more blue pads and floss.
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