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New eggs

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If anyone has been following along with my molly fry, forget that.

Title should be: new eggs, not fry... Yet!

We got a male purple and red crowntail (Gadget) and female pink veiltail betta (Trinket) on friday, put them in a 10 gallon. Female in breeder box. Put a piece of plastic in the corner and let her out monday after Gadget built a bubble nest.

They spawned. This is very exciting. If anyone has any tips, please share! We are going to do our best to take care of the fry if they grow up. I have prepared some things and have an idea of what to do with potentially many fry.

Sorry obviously the pic is not showing the eggs but just wanted to share something!


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Title should be: new eggs, not fry... Yet!
I have fixed your title for you :)
You are already screwed. You need to have living cultures of live food going before you start.
Let them do what they want with the nest and start your preparations for the next batch of eggs.
Thanks for the edit! Anyways, all the eggs were eaten this morning. Right before my eyes! I am assuming something went wrong on my part. They were fertilized. I do have lots of microscopic and slightly larger than microscopic animals for fry to feast. Sorry for disappointment.
They will be at it soon again, the bubble nest builders seem to go at it for a while over spring and summer.

It is a big job though to raise bettas and the reward is little as the market is flooded with cheap supply from battery farms.

If you have space outdoors, set up a kiddie pool as a pond and let the water age so long until the warm months are there. Let them spawn in it (put lots of plants like papyrus etc in), remove female after spawning and the male two or so days after, then just leave all the larvae in there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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