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Tri-star RGB leds are the way to go, although individual LEDs mix well enough. The picture above is ad-hoc and I didn't realize the light fixture was pushed all the way to the back, which gave a blue tint to the upper back wall.

I used the 3w epis for color because of cost effectiveness, wattage, and ability to custom choose spectrum of each channel.

My current thinking is that 5K and RGB have more PAR for an apparent brightness compared to a higher-K light. The tank doesn't look overly bright, but since I've increased CO2 and nutrients, everything is pearling like mad.

Edit: I just checked the LED you are referring to, and its 3x custom epileds on a tri star.

I had high failure rate with epis mounted to stars. I haven't had a single one fail since I removed the stars and mounted the epis directly to the heat sink. That said, it should be possible to mount them that close on the heat sink... maybe the next iteration of this light I will do that... although experiementation shows that the ratios of epi RGB needed are roughly 3:1:2.

So buying a tri star like that would need many more just to make up the defecit of red.
Interestingly, these are only a $1 more and use non-epiled diodes (maybe XTE cree? That's what the optics are for, but they don't say)
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