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Hi all,

Thanks again for all the help you've given me both directly and by past forum posts over the past few months as I've built my first dirted tank.

Photo Attached

I currently have my "janitorial" fish in the tank and will be adding the rest in the next week or so.

20g Tall
Lighting - Finnex 24/7 Planted+
Substrate - Organic Miracle Grow Potting Soil
Cap - Gravel & Sand

- 5 Dwarf Cory
- 2 Julii Cory
- 2 Oto
- 3 Amano shrimp
- 1 Nerite snail

Things, both good and "bad", that I'm working on/with:
- My substrate and cap is a little higher than I originally wanted - pushing 4" probably.
- Still have some of the "stinky" gas bubbles, but fewer than when I started (which I've read all about).
- Ammonia 0-.25, Nitrite 0-.25, Nitrate 10-20, pH 7.2-4.
- I have that white "fan" fungus on the glass, Otos and Snail seem to be slowly chipping away at it.
- Also have some brown algae that was bad, but seems to be getting better with a little more light. You can probably see some on the photo.
- My water is a hair on the green side.
- Doing 25% water changes every couple of days.
- Turned the Finnex down to about 60-70% - was just too bright for my tank on 24/7 mode (which I new going in)
- Doing 1mL Excel dosing every couple of days.

Two questions (although I probably have a never-ending list):
1. Should I get a 2nd snail to speed up the snail-cleaning, or just be patient with the 1? Reading the forums people suggest between 1 and 2 being enough for my size tank. I just don't want to go too far too quickly.
2. Any thoughts on the green water problem?

Would love to hear thoughts, ideas, critiques, tips if anything comes to mind... otherwise I'm learning stuff every day.



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