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New Connecticut plant meeting/club

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Hello everyone,
I'd like to get a plant club started soon. I want to have the first meeting in one month (around the 23rd-26th of Oct). I'd like to hold it on a monday, but fridays are a possibility as well. I was thinking of starting around noon at my house in hamden CT (06518), then we can go on a collection trip for rocks and driftwood and then come back to my house for tea, some snacks, and to discuss plants, trade, etc... So far three people including myself are going to be attending. Please PM me for more details or to confirm.

You are all welcome to bring friends or anyone else who might be interested in aquarium related hobbies.
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Just a reminder: the CT plant club is going to take place on Monday 19th from 6 pm to 9 pm in Hamden CT. For directions please PM me.

There will be trading, talking, an interactive planted tank project and pizza!
Meeting is today from 6-9 pm
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