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This is my JBJ Picotope journal. Im calling it "New Beginnings" cause its the second attempt at a planted tank for this tank

It was done the right way, with Flourite and CO2

so here are the specs that i know so far off the top of my head

Imost of the plants i got from members here or off ebay died but a few made it
the rest i got from my local fish store

small HOB filter(stock filter)

10watt (dont know the brand)

3 9watt PC 6700k Bulbs

Black Flourite Sand

Flora: you guys are going to have to help me with this one cause i dont know the names of everything.

-Cryptocoryne parva or willisii-
hard to tell it melted back when i added it to my 20 gallon but has come back to about 1in with 4 leaves
-Hydrocotyle leucocephala-
-Nymphoides aquatica-
-Rotala rotundifolia-
-Christmas Moss-ill post the scientific later
-some small sword looks like chain link micro sword-
-dont know the name of the last one when i post pictures ill ask itll be the one in the back left-


-kuli loach- dont know if its still in there but i put one that was 3" long
-assassin snail- its not doing so hot was in the LFS tank for a long time with no food

DIY using 1 liter bottle with a smaller bottle as a bubble counter and junk collector
it is diffused through a Rio 90 powerhead

Im dosing Excel and Plant Gro

this is an old picture i rescaped yesterday
the moss on the left and plant in the back left are no there anymore
the moss was Taiwan moss and the plant was replaced it just didnt look good
but it was part of a ROAK so i cant complain

*I will post pictures as soon as i get them off my old phone, got a new one for christmas*

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it didnt take much to fill it
that moss started out as a ping ball portion and the rotala i have twice that much left
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