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New baby fish.

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so we set a tank up and we adopted 4 Molly s. a weak later boom 20 + baby's. that's not counting what they ate I moved the baby's in to a small tank but I don't have a filter for it so is it safe to do 20% water Chang every few days?

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With no cycle and heavy feeding you might consider changing water everyday.
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ok so Bing new at the baby fish thing is feeding twice a day be ok or do I feed more. I will try the once a day change . this is all so new to me it's exciting but kinda hard . thanks for not Bing to harsh.

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Twice a day is fine. If you can do several smaller feedings through the day it is better for faster growth. I feed my swordtail fry twice a day personally due to time constraints.
If this is a freshwater or nearly freshwater tank with a light source (either a daylight bulb in the 5000-10000k range or a window) I would recommend adding plants. Bare root houseplants (pothos works especially well from a practicality purpose) would work well if there's enough light to grow houseplants; I would recommend both aquatic and repurposed house plants if you have a good amount of window light (if it's within 10 feet of a south window you can find things that work...think 6 ft for a west or 4 for an east window) and a daylight bulb. Both will eat much of the ammonia the fry will produce, making your job easier (I would still recommend daily water changes and an ammonia alert to keep track of ammonia levels)
While it may seem tough to read, there is a bright side to this situation. No matter what you do there will be some loss of the fry. That can be the tough part but that is the way nature works. The small weak fish who produce fry like they were rabbits do lose a lot but in nature a few will live to breeding age.
So no matter how badly this time turns out, be certain that there will be more and soon!
Sometimes, it feels better to just watch and know that it is nature at work providing food for the adults so they can be ready to spawn again sooner. When caught unaware, it may be a good time to just watch but at the same time be doing the study to be ready for the next time. It may only be a couple weeks!
Some fish breed in the bag on the way home from the shop!!! At least that's what I hear.
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Lol Yeah, I am pretty good at spotting females about to give birth, Had a birth in a bag in December.... Probably took 40 platy fry out with the one female I purchased.
Isn't it true that female live bearers can store sperm from one breeding, and fertilize multiple batches of babies? For example, you buy a pregnant female and she has babies. Then weeks later she has another batch without having a male in the tank between broods. Anyone experience this before?

There's likely more Mollies in your future. Even if all four were female, 4 can turn into a big family in a short time. If one is male, you have a Molly factory. This group of 20+ may be the tip of the iceberg. Not a bad thing if you're expecting it, I just don't want you to be surprised when the next 20+ show up!
so I'm kinda freaking out one of my Molly's that's been hiding she came up and has a white dead skin looking stuff all over her.

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White dead skin looking stuff sounds like a serious fungus or bacterial disease. Unfortunately that is also part of the learning curve for almost all of us. We have to learn when our fish act strange so that we will be especially watchful and try to catch it sooner rather than later.
I check them every day and up in tell my husband got his new fish and I put some api melafix in the tank I didnt see anything wrong. (our local pet store is notorious for dirty tanks) so I was trying to prevent sick Ness to find my Molly's that are new as well I had had them maybe a weak before this were all ready sick. the lady I got them from had 4 Molly's and one beata in a small tank maybe a ten gal it looked a little smaller tho. so I don't know if its my fault or if they came sick.

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Livebearers are more interesting than you could imagine. I read somewhere that swordtail females can be fertilised at something like 8 days old.
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