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Hello everyone! I’m in the process of aquascaping a new tank, and I’m looking for stocking inspiration. I want a small group of schooling fish, a centerpiece fish, and some algae cleanup crew members such as snails and shrimp. Below are the specs of the tank setup, as well as a couple preliminary hardscaping photos.

Tank: 22 gallon Long (36x12x12) Low Iron
Filter: Fluval 207 Canister with Seachem Matrix
Light: Undecided
Heater: Undecided
CO2: Undecided
Hardscape: Seiryu Stone, Driftwood
Decorative: Cattapa leaves, Alder cones, Mineral rocks
Substrate: Fluval Stratum, Accent gravel, White sand
Plants: carpeting foreground, medium mid, tall background (undecided on types)

I will be setting up the substrate and hardscape, and doing a dark start cycle.

I’ve included a couple photos. The sand “path” Will be between the rocks on the right side, bending around the corner, and the gravel will be “River beds” under the driftwood. Would love any and all suggestions, mostly on stocking choices ( think ecosystem), but any advice is welcome.


Wood Bedrock Trunk Formation Outcrop

Wood Grey Automotive tire Bedrock Floor

Wood Art Tints and shades Hardwood Automotive exterior

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What are you planning to do ? Low-tech, medium-tech or high-tech?
I think you definitely need to make this decision in order to receive some advice about the plants, light and CO2.

Regarding the cleaning crew, my suggestion :
3 Amano Shrimps
3 Neritine Snails
4 dwarf(mini) corys
4 ottos
1 SAE ? (might be too big for your tank size)

If you had another filter I would suggest a external heater (JBL PROTEMP e300). With Fluval you migh need to change the hoses to fit a inline heater.
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