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New aquarium, new plants

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So, I just set up this tank a couple of days ago. I received all of these plants in the mail, and am wondering what they are and how I should plant or not plant them (ie tie them to driftwood or a rock). Also, I am using pfs as a substrate so I am also wondering what I should do for fertilizer before I get fish? Thanks!


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Honestly, it's a bit too blurry to tell. I can make out a toothless alligator with what looks like vallisneria nana behind it, but that's about it, lol

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I realize that now, the imaged got resized when I uploaded it :/

I know I have moneywort, crypts, vals, swords, anubias and water sprite. Any tips on how to properly fertilize and plant these?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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