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New Apisto Species Found in the Amazon

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'Apistogramma baenschi,' a new apiso species was found in the Amazon. This species was previously unknown to the outside world. Below is a link to the picture of the fish from Yahoo. It is stunning. I hope the Amazon forest is still around when my son is my age!


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This fish has actually been around for a few years. It was discovered in 2002. Often times called an "Inka 50." Very beautiful dwarf cichlid.

Copyright © Radek Bednarczuk

Apisto Baenschi
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I'm turning into an Apisto fan. Awesome looking fish.
I was just about to say thats an inka 50, I was gonna order a pair for my 20L when I set it up in the coming months..

Here's a video of a pair of them in a biotope, they come into view at about 0:45
I have had a pair of these for almost two years. Really nice looking fish.
Yeah, these have been around for years. Beautiful fish though. I have to leave the forum now, so I don't get the impulse to set up another tank after seeing those pictures.
lol no wonder why i never read yahoo news.... they are 8 years behind lol
Yes, they're nice Apistos - pretty easy to breed. My male formed a harem... sadly I got rid of them after becoming inundated with too many babies and not having the time to keep it going. I'd like to get my hands on them again, they sold quite well.
I have not been intrigued by very many Apistos, but that one got my attention! :drool:
lol no wonder why i never read yahoo news.... they are 8 years behind lol
Although I agree that yahoo may not be the best news source, the actual article was about the fact that several new species of animals have been found in the Amazon over the last decades and that we should support saving the rainforest. It wasn't actually talking about brand new discoveries.


BTW: I really want a pair/trio of Inka 50's myself. Very beautiful fish! I love apisto's very unique, beautiful fish with lots of personality.
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