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new ancistrus

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got this at my lfs yesterday, its darker grey with smoother skin than the photo suggests, the white spots really pop.

already hard at work cleaning the algae off my glass :thumbsup:

anyone know what type of ancistrus it is?

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no idea what it is. but it looks like a species that gets quite large. hope you have a big tank!
its about 7cm now, and it will go in my 50g when it is setup...
Looks like a L-200 Green Phantom, but I'm no pleco expert. You can probably confirm at
i went through all the pics of Loricariidae on planet catfish, and also thought that L200 was the closest, but in all the pics they look more green, and mine is more grey-blue, but that might change as it gets older.
Yeah looks like either a green phantom or a blue phantom pleco. I will do some searching later and get you a link on the blue phantoms.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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