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Hi all
Back to the hobby after a 20 year hiatus, darn things have changed!
Just finishid cycling my tank using 20x 1.5'' Zebra Danios, everything went well no fish lost in the month it took.

I found a home for 15 of the ZD so no longer have them.
Tank has pleanty of plants, rock for caves and driftwood.
So here is what I currently have in there:

-5 x Zebra danios (1.5'')
-6 x Firemouth (2'')
-5 x Siamese Algea Eater (2'')

All of the above are getting along, the FMs of course chasing each other around ocasionnaly (I think I might have all males, hard to tell at that size...), and eating well and what they are suposed to.

What I will add short term:

5 x Clown Loaches

I would also like to add some more compatible SA or CA cichlids. Any suggestion on which ones and quantities would be appreciated.

Any and all opnions on my current and planned mix are more the welcome.



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I would probably avoid adding any more cichlids while your firemouths are figuring out their pecking order and territories. That might cause more drama. If you had less, I would suggest a Geophagus brasiliensis... they are beautiful, basically peacefull (from my experience) or Guianacara oroewefi.

Why not a school of Columbian tetras? They get larger and can handle roudy firemouths... not to mention, very beautiful with their iridescent blue bodies and red fins.

You can see, in Paradise's photo, some of them in the background. Very striking and robust.
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