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I’m about 6 months into my first 37 gallon lightly planted tank and this is my upgrade from that. This is my first canister filter and my only experience with plants is root tabs. Don’t even know what a reactor is but these are the things I need to know because I’m really into the plant aspect and my current tank is just now getting to the point where root tabs aren’t enough and have to start figuring out a healthy, effective plant setup. That is what the 75 build is going to be based around the effective setup for a heavily planted aquarium. Will a reactor effect my decision of fx4 vs fx6?
The reason I asked is that if you were planning to run a large reactor, I think you could get away with an FX6, but if not, it would probably have way too much flow.

I have an FX4 on a tank that size and it's also driving a 20" reactor. I thought the flow was lacking a bit when I was using a lily pipe return (just a single point of flow into the tank) and now think it's perfect since I've shifted to a spray bar. It's not heavy flow, but it's uniform. The reactor gobbles up some nontrivial amount of the filter's GPH, but I don't know how much exactly.

Sounds like you'll be good to go with an FX4, but it might be worth holding onto that FX6 for a future project - that's a screaming deal!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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