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New 7.9 Gallon Fluval Ebi

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Hi everyone,

I am really new to the hobby and currently have a 5G Fluval Chi filled with... dare I say it... plastic plants. I've always wanted a planted aquarium but juggling full time work with full time school with full time dog mommy duties just wasn't going to give me the time to invest in a planted tank. So right now, my Fluval Chi is home to a small colony of Opae'Ula shrimp, and they have been doing great for the past nine months I've had them. I never have any water issues as my tank is always clear, and I have not had any losses since the way beginning when I had to quickly learn how to prevent my filter from becoming a death machine.

[I don't know why my camera picks up on the light so much. The water is actually crystal clear in person.]

You can find a log of my shrimp antics on my YouTube channel here:

Before my interest in Opae'Ula, I had looked into keeping Blue Tiger Shrimp because let's admit it: They look AWESOME. However, after doing my research, I decided that a beginner like me should not be attempting such expensive shrimp that require expert care, so I started with Opae'Ula because they are very hardy shrimp, and hardy is ideal for new hobbyists. Over the last nine months, I have grown to love shrimp keeping and feel that it's time to spread my wings and finally give Blue Tiger Shrimp and a planted tank a shot. I'm actually going to start off with a small batch of Red Cherry Shrimp since this will be my first freshwater tank, and once I'm comfortable with that, I will bring in the Blue Tiger Shrimp.

I purchased the 7.9 Gallon Fluval Ebi which comes with a 13W Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamp, Fluval Nano Internal Filter, Fluval Stratum substrate, and some other goodies. I will have to modify the filter for my shrimp needs and am looking to purchase an additional light. But in the meantime, it's going to be all about set-up and cycling, which gives me plenty of time to do additional research and figure out what plants I want in my tank. The plants will have to be compatible with the water parameters that the Blue Tiger Shrimp need and be hardy enough to thrive in a nano tank, since any fluctuations will have a much greater impact on the inhabitants than a normal sized tank.

Water Temp: 20°-25° C or 68°-77° F
pH Range: 6.5-7.2
Water Hardness: Soft
Fresh or Salt Water: Freshwater

Of course, I could go to Google, but you guys are the experts here. So far, swords and ferns look good for the mid-/background. If you have any suggestions for beginner-level fore-/mid-/background plants, I would really appreciate a starting point for my research. Thanks!

- Christine
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