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New 6x2x2 tank set up questions

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased a new 6x2x2 tank. I've started to put together all of the equipment for the new set up, and I'd love some feedback as to whether I'm heading in the right direction.

Currently I have 3x 72" 10000K LEDs on order through Build My LED.
I've been considering getting one 6300K (instead of one of the 10000K ones), so it would be 2x 10000K and 1x 6300K to show the reds better, because I'm going to have a few red plants in the tank. Do you think that's the best option? Or should I stick with 3x 10000K?

I've got 2x Eheim 2075 on order, which will be plumbed into the bottom of the tank. Also running 2x 300W inline heaters. The guy at the aquarium shop suggested one heater would be enough, because they're really efficient, but I think two would be better. Any issues with that setup?

I'm thinking of going with CAL Aqua Labs Black Earth (you can have a look at it here). I would use 4x normal bags for the base, then a few bags of the finer stuff for the top layer. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Would you recommend adding anything to this substrate?

Any recommendations on which CO2 setup to get? The reactor I'm considering is Sera CO2 Flore Active Reactor 1000. I'm open to suggestions!

Fish & Shrimp
I'm looking at keeping guppies, various cherry shrimp, and some kind of schooling fish (tetras or similar). I'd love to get some Australian natives as well. Does anyone know of any native fish that would go well with guppies and shrimp? I'm hoping to order through AquaGreen because of their native selection, and I've dealt with Dave in the past and he's been fantastic.

I'll definitely be starting up a tank journal when everything starts coming together in a few weeks.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Where would you get the Cal Aqua substrate? I don't see it for sale anywhere.
It's readily available in Australia, from many lfs. Not sure if it's available overseas. This is one of the places I've seen carrying it:
Why not some rainbows? I'm partial to the Tatei and Parkinsoni :)

Welcome to the forum!

Edit: Wow those prices are spendy. I got eco complete here for under $17 a bag and free shipping from ..
Thanks for the welcome to the forum, I've been a long-time reader.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've definitely been looking at rainbows. My only issue is most of the rainbows don't seem to get along with shrimp.

Yeah, dirt in Australia is way too expensive – can't believe you can get it for $17 a bag. I'm jealous!
I bought some Black Diamond blasting sand for $8 a 25lb bag completely inert so i have to use root tabs but it is cheaper in the long run.

Also you lights i would check out LEDzeal they are based out of china it is like $395 USD for a 400 watt setup from them one fixture will do your whole tank. You give them the LED layout you want with colors and they will build to order. I am ording two 5ft lights one for my Salt tank and one for my Planted. I personally feel Build My LED is WAY too pricey for lights. Considering they say you need 3 strips for a 180 gallon at almost $500 USD a strip F that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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