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New 5gal

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I got bit by the betta bug, with a side dish of MTS. So I now have a new planted 5gal. It was a gift from one of the Arkansas tornado refugees I had crashing at my house. They passed me a 10gal as well but I have no place to put it so its in a closet for now.

Ok so here's the specs:
Substrate: Floramax

2 Java fern (a baby and an 'adult')
1 crypt wendtii plantlet
1 corkscrew val
water wisteria (small sprig)
Brazilian pennywort (small sprig)
duckweed (not much right now, but I'm sure it will spread)
5 tiny marimo moss balls. They are about the size of a nickel.

Filter: Azoo Palm Filter The 16gph one, very adjustable flow, and I have lots of room to add/change the media. betta has no problem with it. SILENT.
Heater: 25w Hydor theo heater

Lights: Low light, cant remember exact bulb specs but I do know its low.

1 crowntail betta
2 small ramshorn snails
1 bladder snail (it will meet its doom as soon as it shows itself when my best friend ISN'T there. You'd think it was a puppy the way he reacted.)

The only ornament I made myself. Tumbled river rock glued together with black aquarium silicone. I let it cure for about 2 weeks just in case, although there were no super thick spots.

The weird grass thing in there came with my original snails from a friends tank, I don't know what it is but I don't have high hopes in its survival. Honestly it looks like I could have pulled it out of my front lawn. I'm still trying to figure out how to make everything look better, I know it will when everything grows in but I don't know if I have them placed very well to start. If I'm going to do any moving id prefer to do it sooner rather than later. I put the crypt in the front left, its super small. The javas are behind the rocks, the val is front right corner, and the rest are doing their "ill be wherever I wanna be" thing.

Any advice on placement would be awesome. I don't want to keep moving things around any more than I have to.


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Anything? I realize its nowhere near the level most of the site has but im very new to planted tanks. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
It looks like you've got yourself a great start, Witchy!

Without more information on the lighting, it is difficult for us to recommend any advice to you but from the looks of it, it looks like you have lots of light fall off around the edges of your tank and it will be difficult to grow anything in those conditions. I would recommend moving your plants in more towards the center where you have the most light or upgrade your light fixture. Also, although having that one plant floating may allow it to grow well, it is also blocking out light to other plants at the same time.

Keep at it, I know once the planted tank bug bites you its hard to get out!
It's a good start, I'm new as well and definitely couldn't do better :)
add more plants...preferably some floating plants
Ok. I was thinking of taking the big arch off the ornament, then i can move it over and have more room for more plants. Jenks doesnt use it anyways.

The light is a 120V 60hz 10w 600 Lumens "self ballasted lamp"

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