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New 55 gallon planted setup?

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Hello all! I am somewhat new to the hobby. I am looking to get a 55 gallon tank that will be planted. What I want is a setup where I could grow just about anything IF I wanted to. I found an aquaticlife T5 HO Dual lamp 108 W light fixture and was wondering if this is adequate for what I am looking for? If not does anyone know of any other great fixtures out there that will suit me well for medium high - high light. I am already looking into c02 and found a place down the road that sells and refills canisters. The only problem is they are on the small side.. 5 LB tanks. My other question is about how long would a 5 LB tank last for a 55 gallon? Also, I noticed a newer product called EXCEL? Does this work well in place of a C02 system? Thanks in advance for your help!
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55 gallon - 48x13x20
75 gallon - 48x18x20

The tanks are the same height, so any light that is high light on one is high light on the other. The only significant difference is that the substrate would not be as uniformly lighted on the 75 gallon tank. A very good way to light those tanks is with one 2 bulb T5NO light on the 55 gallon, and two 2 bulb T5NO lights on the 75 gallon, with the lights widely separated. That gives you good medium light for both tanks. Two bulb T5HO lights should be raised about 3-4 inches on either tank, to avoid having such high light that algae is your main concern instead of fish and plants. CO2, not Excel, is a very good idea with any of those light setups.
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