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New 55 gallon planted setup?

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Hello all! I am somewhat new to the hobby. I am looking to get a 55 gallon tank that will be planted. What I want is a setup where I could grow just about anything IF I wanted to. I found an aquaticlife T5 HO Dual lamp 108 W light fixture and was wondering if this is adequate for what I am looking for? If not does anyone know of any other great fixtures out there that will suit me well for medium high - high light. I am already looking into c02 and found a place down the road that sells and refills canisters. The only problem is they are on the small side.. 5 LB tanks. My other question is about how long would a 5 LB tank last for a 55 gallon? Also, I noticed a newer product called EXCEL? Does this work well in place of a C02 system? Thanks in advance for your help!
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for 75g go with 3x54w fixture, i think 4x54 will be way too much light to deal with. 2x54w light on 75g should still put you on medium light.
Happi's advice is good. @ 2x54w - med. light - on a 75 gal. would be just fine, say no more than 8 hrs./day, and you may not need to bother with CO2 - Moderate weekly or semi-weekly dosing with Excel would do the job, IMHO.
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