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New 55 Gal!

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I don't have much so far, still waiting on some key elements to come in. It's your standard 48"x 13" W x 21" H.

30 lbs Black Flourite sand
30 lbs Reg Flourite

Items that are still being shipped in:

Build My LED, custom 48" with 450nm Blue, 660nm red, 525nm green, and 6500k cool white LEDs. 90º light angle with a PAR rating of 80 at 24"

Eheim 2213

Hydro Koralia 425 to help with flow

Fluval 200w

As for tank inhabitants I need a little advice. I'm pretty good with hard-scapes but as for plants and fish I'm kind of picky.

Here is what I was thinking

nerite snails
Tiger Barbs
Green Tiger Barbs

Flora: (this is where I need some opinions) I don't currently have a means for setting up a CO2 system so I was looking at plants that wouldn't require it. I've been struggling with placement though.

-Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Siamensis'
-Hemianthus callitrichoides
-Bacopa Australis

Also, I would love to have some reds but I'm not sure what I'm capable of supporting, but I would love any tips!


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Like your lay out so far. I've had really good with excel.
Reds take time to grow actually red without CO2 in sme cases. Meaning the plants
get red/more red with maturity. I use Excel at 2x recommended doses and a couple
of my red(type) plants are just green so far. But the base of them is red but the new growth that is while they are in my tank is just green. I do have an Alternathera reineckii that so far has stayed red. The new growth is the same color as the rest of the plant which was grown elsewhere before I got it. Might be a good one for you
to try due to what seems to me to be easier to keep red growth than Ludwigia Repens.
Any reds are going to be needing to be out in the open with no shade to stay red.
Looks good so far/nice placement of the rocks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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