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New 29g planted ?cylcing

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I'm a newbie here just starting out with this hobby. First tank 29g, with plants, fluval 205, 100watt heater, eco-substrate, been adding "cycle" , temp at 80F

Ph- 7.6
Ammonia- 0.25 ppm
Nitrate- 10 ppm
Nitrite- 0.2 ppm

Question is were am i with the cycle, tank has been running for 2.5 weeks, and should I be adding anything else?
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Or Rex's Guide to Cycling your Planted Tank

The other link is a link to "fishless" cycling. There is no reason to do a "fishless" cycle on a planted tank.
Have you added plants? If not, do it now. What lighting do you have?

Thanks for all the replys, been reading all those links,

I have added plants, and have a 55watt cp light, I do plan to at co2 at somepoint, also I seen lots of fugus going anyway to kill it?

Forgot to at that a do have driftwood also
I assume the fungus is on the wood? What color....white? I've been having terrible experiences with algae & driftwood, next tank will not have ANY!!

If it's on teh wood you could take it out and boil it, soak it in bleach solution (& then rinse) or any number of things.

55w is a good amount for the 29g, you will be able to grow most plants.
yes you are correct white fungus is on the wood, I think I will have to try that.
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