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New 29 gallon with Finnex Planted+ 24/7

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Hi folks,

I am setting up a new 29 gallon tank to house between 12 and 15 platies.

Here is what I have so far:

Finnex planted+ 24/7
Whisper 10-30i filter (just a holdover until new filter parts come, this will be removed once the better filter is up)
Emperor 280 filter ( not functioning, waiting on parts from Marineland)
Cobalt Neotherm 150w
Caribsea eco complete substrate (40 lbs)

I plan to just have platies in this tank. I have 6 right now and they are settling in nicely, after a week though they do seem to like nibbling at the plants ( see picture). More platies will be added a couple of weeks from now once cycling is complete. The water will also clear up once the substrate particles settle or are removed during water changes.

Any thoughts or comments? Any suggestions of plants? I know at some point I will have platy fry, so good foreground plants for fry to hide in would be great.


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Platy fry tend to hide near the surface in my tank, so I would suggest something floating...

Also, I noticed some of your stem plants are still tied together and planted as a bunch. Those stem plants should be un-bunched and each stem planted individually. This gives them space from each other and lets some light reach their lower leaves. It also gives better coverage..

The easiest way to do this is use one of the giant tweezers or plastic aquarium plant tools, grip the bottom of the stem in your tool and ram it into the substrate. Then open the tool, wiggle a little bit to let the substrate settle around the stem, and remove the tool. Sometimes takes a couple tries to get it to settle in right. You might find a few floating in the morning.. it happens, just replant em until they take root.

This thread has some good pictures of setup, with stem plants planted properly (somewhat arbitrarily chosen):

You can see similar effects in this tank by Tom Barr, although it is so planted it is hard to see what is going on down at the bottom..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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