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New 29 gallon planted

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Just wondering how these are looking... gallon planted/DSC00105.jpg gallon planted/DSC00095.jpg gallon planted/DSC00094.jpg

The tank is 6 days old, has a DIY c02, and 1x65W corallife fixture. I was planning on adding a few siamese algea eaters and some cardinal tetras.

Think I should trim them for some reason they are all brown? :-(
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It looks like it might be diatom algae, which is very common in new tanks. It will eventually pass, as long as your tank cycles properly and you keep water params in check. You're only 6 days into it so, everything should balance out in the next few weeks.
SAE's are taking care of the problem, tanks cycling and plants are doing well. Seemed like after the transport they got shocked but new growth is green and looking good, thanks digsy
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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