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New 29 gallon planted tank

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So, I inherited a couple 29 gallon tanks from a brother of mine after he moved into an apartment. They sat in my garage for a year or so before I finally decided to clean one up and set it up. I have never owned an aquarium before and so I am learning as I go.

I thought I would share my experience here and if anyone has any tips for me they could chime in...

So far I have one of the 29 gallon tanks setup:
2 Aquatech HOB filters running for aeration
Aqueon 100W heater
Aqueon LED modular light w/ 1 daylight and 2 colormax LED strips
17W hood lamp for added light
2 bags of Eco-Complete substrate
multiple lace rocks

I wanted to do a planted tank after seeing photos of how great they look and like the idea of having a slice of nature to peer into. I would love to try a biotope, but like I said I'm still learning here.

I have added the following fauna and flora to the tank:
1x Water Sprite
3x Anubia Nana
2x Giant Hairgrass
1x Dwarf Hairgrass

2x Molly
10x White Cloud Minnow
5x Otocinclus
5x Sterbai Corydora

The tank has been up for 2 months now and was cycled after the first month (no fish cycle). I realize this could be a heavy bioload, but I am okay with that and I plan to add to or multiply my existing plants to help with this in addition to frequent water changes if necessary.

I have been doing water tests periodically to ensure appropriate levels of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. I do not have tests for kH or GH and honestly am not sure that they are necessary. I have ordered Seachem Flourish Excel for fertilization and created the DIY Osmocote Plus root tabs for my rooted plants.

Honestly, I didn't think I would enjoy this hobby but I have been really getting into it!


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