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New 20 gallon rcs tank

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So I just set up a new shrimp tank (20gal), finished cyclind about 2 weeks ago. I added about 20 RCS
but they are dying daily, and the ones that are alive arent moving.

So I tested my water and it is as below:

ammonia- 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - 7~8
PH- 7.0
TEMP - 78~79 degrees

I think the KH and GH is the problem. Not sure. 1st time testing for gh and kh.

Will these water parameters be better for crystal red shrimps??

If not, I will get some equilibrium and baking soda to raise gh and kh

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Try lowering the temperature slightly to about 74-75 if you can. gH might be a problem but if it is you'll see the "cape on head" shedding issue where their shells are still attached. Don't worry about kH.
Is there any reason there would possibly be copper in your tanks? What do the dead shrimp look like?
What hardscape are you using? Substrate? Any wood?
I have 4 pieces of Cholla wood. 1 big malaysian driftwood, eco complete substrate, 40 pounds. got some java fern, java moss, 6 marimo balls, anubias, cuttlebone, mineral rock.

The dead shrimps are just laying on its side, still have the color.
Do you know what parameters the shrimp came from?

Do you know TDS?

Pictures of tank and shrimp?

Have you been doing water changes? If yes, how?

I would recommend getting a shrimp specific remineralizer. Salty Shrimp, SL-Aqua, Shrimp Nature, Shrimp King....
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Params of the water they came from doesn't really matter. Tossed some tangerine tigers from 0 KH, 5 GH to 4 KH 8 GH, without drip acclimatisation (I was doing drip method with red cherries two months ago - around 1/3 is dead. I've seen on yt the king of DIY why he is not using drip method, tried it, now I've only waited for temps to match and tossed tigers in) they're doing great! So I wouldn't worry about change too much. But I would worry about low GH, you don't need some pricey branded remineralizer (I'm using some home made remineralizer which gives KH 4 and GH 8). Just look for something that has GH around two times higher than KH and add enough of it to get GH around 6-8.
Your temp isn't so bad, don't worry about it.
I call the LFS and they have seachem equilibirum

will that work?
I call the LFS and they have seachem equilibirum

will that work?
Should be good - just calculate your dose to get GH of 6-8 and do water changes with such a water (around 25% every week).
I kind of feel like tigers may be hardier than cherries... so I wouldn't necessarily compare tigers to cherries...

They can suffer from osmotic shock.
I've heard about this push from many well-known breeders to move away from acclimation almost entirely. I'm not really ready to try it myself but it's possible that the shrimp have ammonia poisoning/burns I suppose. Nothing really to do about that since your tank has no ammonia.
Otherwise I agree that you should increase your gH. Did you try lowering your temperatures slightly?
Yeah. I really dont think I have ammonia.

I lowered the temp to 74~76.

I got 2 CRS to test them out and they are doing really well.
The RCS are just sitting waiting to die -.-


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