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New 20 gal long

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I am starting up a new 20 gal long planted tank, pics coming soon, but I am still trying to decide on an appropriate light fixture.

I like the coralife aqualight

That would give me over 6 watts per gallon but I could just run it with one of the lamps disconnected. I am planning on swapping out the bulbs to 6700K anyway.

I still don't have all of the plants picked out, but I would like a fixture capable of providing a high light output.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thank you
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Will you be running pressurized CO2 and dosing fertilizer? That will determine whether or not you need a fixture that provides high light.

Also note that watts per gallon isn't a currently accepted standard for lighting planted tanks. Refer to this thread for details about PAR and why WPG isn't a good rule of thumb.
Thank you, that is a very informative thread. I haven`t had a tank up in about 10 years, so it looks like I need to do a little more research.

I will be running pressurized c02 and dosing fertilizer. and Catalina light fixtures are good also.
Idk if red with 10000k bulb would be a good choice.. Does anyone know or have an input ..
I decided to go with the Marineland Aquatic Plant LED lighting system. and Catalina light fixtures are good also.
Not as good as the odyssea t5ho fixture.

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