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Hello all ;)

Bought a 2.5gal IQ3 all in one. Comes with a small 200L/h return pump as well as a 28 LED clip on light. The LED light says 1.6W. Is this sufficient for some lights with lower light requirements? I could purchase a 2nd clip on LED so I have 3.2W? Not sure.. I will be dosing Excel twice a week

2.5g (not taking into account substrate and rocks/plants etc)

The plants are just "testers". I am getting a few nano-sized plants in soon

Here's a bottle of wine for size comparison

Many thanks to Dolphin for all the advice! here is a substrate shot of my "low tech" non CO2 planted tank. Prodac humus/humusplus at bottom. Prodac substrate above it, capped with 4cm of black aquarium gravel. I will be dosing with seachem flourish excel.

Is this little LED light sufficient?

Comments/suggestions greatly appreciated!

On saturday I am picking up 3 dario dario's (1 male and 2 females) :)

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I am not sure about the light, try asking Hoppy! He made his own LED fixture so he could probably help! Great tank by the way!

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The Dymax IQ3 aquarium kit is a slick little pico with a built-in filter with overflow and a dimmable LED lamp with 28 LEDs. The IQ3 aquarium is just over 2 gallons with 8.66" x 6.69" x 8.66" measurements and sells for only around $50-60 USD. 3reef hopes a little highlight will finally get the Dymax IQ3 Nano aquarium kit to get picked up in the USA. Dymax is an aquarium company out of Singapore and since its release this summer, the IQ3 has been spotted in a few other countries but here. Umm, we will take a few.

The Dymax IQ3 Aquarium Kit

An interesting and innovative fish keeping equipment over the past year. Combining creativity with expertise, we produce truly unique product whilst focusing on complete mini aquarium necessity. Each installation is handmade from the highest quality acrylic to your requirements. The new Dymax IQ3 mini acrylic tank come with a full set of accessories, including a light unit, filtration system and detailed instructions on how to use this "Easy To Maintain" aquarium.


-Only approximately 48% the weight of the glass.
-Compact in size and easy maintenance.
-Stronger, clearer and safer than glass.
-Has invisible sealing compound on all edges.
-Has no sharp edge.
-Can be polished over light scratches.
-More impact resistant.

Dymax Robot LED clip light clip on virtually any aquarium tanks easily and quickly. Its ultra bright LED provides plenty of light and spread evenly throughout the tank. The lamp is fully adjustable and can rotate at any angle to put the light exactly where needed. Its dimmable feature let user determine the brightness of light to use in their aquarium. With the low power consumption and high efficiency of the LED (50,000hours), the Robot LED is made ideal to use all day round.

· High bright LED for deep water penetration
· Dimmable feature to control brightness
· Fully adjustable
· Slim and aerodynamic design
· Energy saving and low power consumption
· 50,000hours life span of the LED
· Low heat radiation from the LED
· Normal operating temperature 20°C~50°C

The Dynmax IQ3 in the wild courtesy of Sianzation @ arofanatics:

Large pics:

Please ship to 3reef @ 15 Idaho street....

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Sorry... found in another forum.
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