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New 2.5 Gallon Anubis Tank

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Hi All,

I decided to ditch my first nano tank and downsize from 4 gallons to 2.5 gallons. I picked up this cute little tank at Petsmart for around $8 and so far am very satisfied! I am using the original light from my 4 gallon, but I may downsize depending on the growth I see in the coming weeks.

Here is the tank:

2.5G2 by t_witt01, on Flickr

The substrate is some black fluval substrate I have had laying around. The driftwood is also mounted on a piece of slate to keep it submerged. The slate was a bit big, so I broke some pieces off of it. I then put the broken pieces into the substrate to add a little bit of a hardscape. The plants are just two Anubis Nana plants I picked up at Petsmart while I was purchasing the tank.

2.5G1 by t_witt01, on Flickr

The fish are hiding near the top of the tank so you can't see them in the photos. I have 6 tiny fish that are all about a year old. I'm not sure what kind of fish they are, but they have never grown larger than .5 inches so I thought they'd be great for a tiny tank like this one.

2.5G3 by t_witt01, on Flickr

The tank does not have a filter, so I will have to do more frequent water changes. I'm thinking about adding a small air stone just for oxygenation, but I haven't decided yet. I have another tank that is the same size housing a betta and a small scape I did with a red tiger lotus, and it is not filtered yet the plants and the fish are thriving. If anyone has advise or suggestions regarding unfiltered tanks please comment! :icon_smil
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Nice scape. A few suggestions though:

You should keep the anubias rhizome above the substrate.
You might need to add more plants if you plan to go the unfiltered route.

Other than that, good luck with your tank.
Careful with that amount of light. You anubias may be covered in algae in no time!
If you find that that light is to strong you can use a 13w cfl or lower bulb and adjust the height to make it work for you.
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