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Hello all, I have been a member since 2008 but this is my first post.
This is my 165 Journal please feel free to comment.
165 tank info.
150G euro brace 60x24x24 starphire glass on two sides.
Lighting will be 6x54 watts T5HO and 2x24 watts T5HO. Bulbs are 2x6000k, 2x6700k and 1X1200k and 1 grow bulb.
Filters will be 2 Eheim Pro II Thermofilter 2126 and one Eheim 160G ultra.
Co2 by Milwaukee MA957 monitored and controlled by Milwaukee SMS122.
I am also planing on using the Aqua Medic reactor 1000 to dispense C02.
I will be using ADA substrate thanks to Aqua Forest...

I am planning to do a dry start with a ground cover of Baby Tears and Glosostigma.
After the ground cover is filled in i will add Vallisneria Spiralis "Tiger" and Aponogeton Crispus Red.

Sand build.
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