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New 125g Tank - ADA Amazonia Ammonia Issue

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I'm currently cycling my new Juwel Rio 400 (125 gallon) tank.

For the substrate I used 4 x ADA Amazonia II (9 litre bags), so 36 litres total or around 9 gallons.

I've since found out that this substrate leaches Ammonia, initially anyway. So this is my only source of ammonia during the cycle.

I'm currently on day 10 of the cycle and so far it's been pretty consistent:
Ammonia : 3.0 after day 1 slowly raising to 5.0
pH : 6.8 after day 1 slowly reducing to 6.0

I did my first water change yesterday (30%) which brought the values back to:
Ammonia : 3.0
pH : 6.8

Does anyone know how long this cycle is likely to take? And how often I should do water changes?

I'm hoping you aren't going to say 90% water changes twice a week because with nearly 100g in the tank it's not an easy job :smile:

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Id do 50% twice a week lol!!! I was just there. It lasts about a month.. try to keep ammonia 3 or less. Bacteria actually dont grow very well when its higher, it acts more like a disinfectant if the levels are too high
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