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I'm semi new to planted tanks, stumbling in a couple of years ago converting my 46 gallon to low light plants, and then starting a 29 low light planted a little over a year ago. My husband just bought me a new 120 gallon tank. I would like to take the next month or so setting it up and transferring the fish from the 46 and 29 into the 120. Once everything is transferred I will see the 29 and 46 gallon set ups and just keep one large tank. I have many decisions to make and questions regarding equipment and more.

Here are my current plans:

Substrate: Pool Filter Sand or possibly Cemex Lapis Luster from my LFS. Currently have gravel in both tanks and have had little problem growing low light plants.

Lighting: Finnex 24/7. I have these on my 29 and 46 and have been very happy with them.

Canister Filter: Eheim 600 Classic or 2 Eheim 350's. This would be my first canister filters.

Heater: Eheim? We are in Arizona and keep the house at a fairly steady temp year round. Does a large tank hold a temperature better? One or two heaters?

I've battled BBA for years, currently its down to just a few spots in the gravel and some on the edge of a few leaves and exposed roots using Excel for C02. My worry is transferring the BBA spores into the new tank. My LFS recommended not transferring anything from the other tanks to the new one except for the fish. He didn't recommend using the AquaClear 110 to help cycle it since that could transfer the algae too. He recommended starting fresh. I was hoping to use a least some of my plants, rocks and driftwood, but now he has me concerned. Is there a way to make those items safe for the new tank?

I'm open to any suggestions or thoughts and thank you in advance.
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