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Hi. just started up my 10 gallon fish tank again.

A little background...

Originally, we set this up a few years back. It came in a kit so we set it up, waited a few days, and then I spent $50 on some cool fish to populate it with which obviously died in the next few days.

So this time I turned to the internet and learned about the aquariums bio cycle and how to first cycle the aquarium to introduce the good bacteria and such using Ammonia.

I also found a canister filter which I bought some 15 yrs ago on sale, and just never used until now.
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So there is my setup. It has been running like this for about a week but since I have not learned about cycling untill a few nights ago, I only began to cycle it 2 days ago. But something is going wrong with the numbers and is just not making sense.

The first day I dosed some Ammonia to 3-4ppm

The next day I checked the Ammonia level and it went down to .25ppm but the nitrite and nitrate levels were both at zero. Confusing, shouldnt the nitrite spike if the Ammonia went down to almost 0? Nitrate was also at 0.

I also checked the PH on the second day and to my amazement it was really high. It was hard to read but I think it was between 7.6 and 8.0. This is pretty high, isnt it? Shouldn't the PH be around 7.0 to 7.5 for a freshwater setup?

And I also dosed the Ammonia again to 3-4ppm on the second day. I will check again tonight for numbers.

Maybe its that rock raising my PH level? Thats the only thing I can think of raising my PH.
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