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New 1.5G Amano-esque

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New tank I just started a few weeks ago. This is my first foray into a planted nano tank.

Just some java moss and an Endler to get the cycle started.
No CO2...yet.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
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Looks nice, what filter is that? It looks like the one I have.

Does amano-esque mean shrimp are going in there? If so you may want to put a sponge or tights over the intake for that filter. Amanos are probably too big to get sucked up, but I wouldn't risk it.

Other than that looks good. I've been wanting to get a super-nano going, just waiting for the funds. :)
I like that tall rock. the little smooth rock in the front right corner looks a little out of place though...
Thanks for the suggestions!!

Tdouglass25: The filter is a Whisper 3i from an old tank. I have a red sea nano on order from PetCo (they're taking forever). What I meant by Amano-esque was the style I was going for was the tanks that Takashi Amano designs. I'll probably put something over the intake of the Red Sea Nano when I get it in.

GitMoe: I saw that rock at my LFS and fell in love with it. I found some other rocks that looked like smaller versions for a few more decorations. I wanted to offset the harshness of the jagged black rocks with a smoother, lighter colored one. I'll take it out and post pics tonight to see what it looks like without. I could put the smaller rock on the left hand side leaning up against the bigger one where the smooth one was. Thoughts?

I know I have a wicked thread algae problem right now, but it's a new tank and my param's aren't accurate yet.
Love the rock! Wish it was a little more green though. Other than that, looks great!
Here's the tank without that smooth rock in the front corner.


Also, Got my RedSea Nano filter in. Setup was a breeze, and am hoping that increased water movement can get some of that algae out of there. I will probably head to the LFS soon to pick up a snail or two. It's amazing how something so small can capture someone's attention for so long. Enjoying the comments! Thanks for y'all's help!
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