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About 2 weeks ago, I moved two nerite snails from my 75 degree goldfish tank to my 78 degree betta/frog tank. The betta frog tank is at my office and uses city water, the goldfish tank is at my home and uses well water.

The water in both tanks is treated with Prime during water changes.

The snails acclimated to the new tank and spent a few days eating diatom algae off the decor. Last week, I did not see them often (not abnormal), but by the end of the week, I noticed they weren't moving a lot, if at all.

During Friday's water change, I removed them and examined them. The bodies were tucked pretty deeply into the shell rather than being even with the shell's opening. There was no odor.

I put both the nerites back in the tank in front to see what happened over the weekend. Today is Wednesday, they have not moved from that spot, and one flipped over (or was flipped over between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning- I'm guessing this one is definitely dead?).

The water parameters are: NH3 = NO2 = 0ppm, NO3 < 5ppm. The betta and frogs are healthy and tank T= 79F. I don't have my pH test kit in the office today.

These snails were alive and well for at least 4 weeks- I bought 3 a few weeks ago and one of them stopped moving during QT, at first it responded slowly to being poked, but a few days later there was no response, so I assumed it was dead (but euthanized it before disposing of it in case I was wrong).

One of the twp I am currently worried about is definitely part of that group of 3 I just bought- I am not sure about the other- I had 6 total in the tank at home, 3 of them I bought 2 years ago and some of them look alike.

So, what could cause active nerites to stop moving and/or die after 3-4 days of eating? Can they die from over indulging on diatom algae? Could there be an issue with the water or tank causing the deaths? I'm leary of putting other snails or even shrimp in this tank until I figure out the problem.

Thanks for any advice on what to do next.
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