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Neowind's 22 Gallon Long Forest Waterfall Paludarium Build

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Paludarium Information:
22 Gallon Long Mr. Aqua Rimless Aquarium
2x 25w 6500k LED pendants
1x 30w LED adjustable kelvin fixture
2x Tetra waterfall filters for filtration and waterfalls
Lots of Egg Crate and Pond Foam
Josh's Frogs Plant Substrate
20lb Eco Complete Substrate
100w Titanium Submersible Heater
Window Screen
PVC Pipe

Planned Paludarium Inhabitants:

Vampire Crab or Fire Bellied Newt
Harlequin Rasbora School
Neon Tetra School
Cory Catfish of somekind

I have dreamed for years of having some type of complete ecosystem setup inside my home. I seen a few setups here and there that blew my mind over the last several years, but I tried them on small scale and failed miserably. When I say small scale I mean like 1 gallon size. Finally I came accross a YouTube channel called Serpa Design and wow did that spark my interest. I finally got the bravery up to go out and just go for it. I don't have a ton of space so I still had to stay somewhat small, but I went with the 22g long to give plenty of space for the fish to swim. I wanted to create two large waterfalls to give a sense of some of the forest in my area that contain very large waterfalls. I wanted to bring that peace inside.

More to come!

Bump: Step 1:

Create the elevated landscape and waterfalls

I spend a lot of time in nature hiking and doing photography and I wanted to bring a part of that inside my home so when I can't enjoy being outdoors I can have a little piece of it inside. I decided to go with two waterfalls that would not only bring a peaceful sound into my home, but also act as the filtration for my paludarium. I went with two Tetra Whisper filters to accomplish this.

First I began with Egg Crate and Zipties to construct one of my islands:

Next I used window screen (Fiberglass) to wrap the egg crate. I then wrapped that with weed preventer material you would use in your garden to hold in the substrate for the plants above water.
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