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Hey everyone,

Doing some tank cleaning and have a surplus on the following to share or trade.

Neon Yellow Shrimps (mix sizes & grades)
$30 = 10+1
$60 = 20+3

$90 = 30+5 (2 package available)

Assassin Snails - $1.50 each (juvie to sub adult sizes)

Mystery Snails - $1 each (mostly light blues & are at least a nickel in size)

Brown, White Tip short fin BN - $5 each (unsexed & about 1.5-2 inches)
Brown, White Tip long fin BN - $9 each (unsexed & about 2-2.5 inches)
Super Red BN offspring - $9 each (unsexed & 1-1.5 inches)

ALSO HAVE FRESH CUT MULBERRY LEAVES - good source of nutrition for all shrimps. Just freeze them until ready to feed. Take frozen leaves out and blanch for about 3 minutes and feed. After blanching, I like to tear up the leaves to make it easier for the shrimps.

100 leaves - $22 shipped or $20 as a combined order with livestock

For trades, looking for:
Aqua Clear Filters either 70 or 110
Shrimps (let me know what you have and we can go from there)
LED light fixture (24 inches)
Anything else that might be intriguing to have in nano shrimp tanks

Shipping will be $15 priority mail Live Arrival Guaranteed or $12 with No Guarantee
Please show proof of DOA's in bag within an hour of delivery.
Shipping w/Kordon Breather bags & foam insulation.

Heat/cold pack upon request.
Please check your weather as I will be shipping from Texas.

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