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neon tetra question

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I have six neon tetras and i can tell the sexes but what i can't tell is if there mating or not. There bottom and top fins are turning brownish with a white line in the front. The male is charging at the female and they are both staying in the same area in the tank and the male is beginning to get scare all the other fish that come close ( the smaller fish). If you have a video on mating of neon tetras please tell me :icon_smil.
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neons breed mostly in the morning. The males chases the female in some moss and then gets close to her and se releases the eggs. That male does not chase other fish for most of the time. My neons do that every morning so i can see a pettern
Anyway. If you want to breed here is a way
get a 15 liter plastic tank, a small piece of bogwood, a plastic clump of java moss imitation..and 6 neons. Do a 50% WC at 10 PM for example and stay tuned at 7AM next day :)
You will se in a clear manner the spawning . Next remove the fish and take the tank in a complete dark place. Look in it in 3-5 days at 25 C :)
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