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Hi I'm new here and have looked but can't find information that helps with my tetras.

I have a 160ltr tank (Aus) running a AquaOne 1000 filter, planted with real and fake plants and wood etc

We have just noticed (within the last week) but didn't think anything if it white like fungus on the bottom tail fins of some of our neons tetras.

Did a tank clean tonight and upon closer inspection it's gotten worse and more if the fish seem to have it.

From the pictures below you can see on the fins as well as the tetra with it the worse. One thing we found tonight is 2 have it on their mouth :-(

Sorry they are not real clear they move so fast.

Just wondering if anyone can identify what this may be?

We have in the tank clown loaches, black widow tetras (I think that's the name) and flying foxes with the neon tetras

Any help would be very helpful

Thanks in advance

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All other fish in the tank seem fine at this stage

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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