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Neon Tetra help

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I introduced 6 Neon Tetras 2 days ago. However, they are not acting right. They are starting to look disoriented when they swim. :eek: They swim with no direction and sometimes in a corkscrew type pattern. After, they look exhausted and settle on the bottom of the tank not moving :(. I am a newbie to freshwater tanks and need help. Thanks!
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Another small trick: popular fish like neons are usually split between several tanks at LFS. Befriend your seller and when the new shipment arrives they will combine the the 'older' fish in one tank for you and then put the new fish in other tanks (not such a bad practice anyways). That way you can buy popular fish that have already spent 2-4 weeks at LFS as opposed to the new arrivals.

~ make friends, it pays ~ :)
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