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Neon Tetra help

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I introduced 6 Neon Tetras 2 days ago. However, they are not acting right. They are starting to look disoriented when they swim. :eek: They swim with no direction and sometimes in a corkscrew type pattern. After, they look exhausted and settle on the bottom of the tank not moving :(. I am a newbie to freshwater tanks and need help. Thanks!
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Really, the best advice I can give someone buying from the above mentioned retailers is just to try to buy them when they are on sale and buy 2-3 x's as many as you really want because its likely if you do that you MAY end up with the actual amount you want that are healthy after two weeks.
I agree completely. And would like to add that these fish must be put in a quarantine tank (QT) for at least 2 weeks so the sick fish won't infect all the fish in your main tank. Only after you have not had any illnesses, oddities, growths, or deaths for 2 weeks in the QT would I consider it safe to add the fish to the main tank.
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