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Neon tetra fat belly!

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Hi, first post!, I've been browsing a while so I know you're all quite knowledgeable!, I need help with my neon tetra, Its one of eleven, the others are all fine, but this one for some reason has a massive belly!. All water parameters are fine, and I believe this is a female so maybe it is just eggs?, I feed small them amount of flake food once a day and the occasional dried bloodworms. Also have had two die, and I can see one now is patchy, like NTD, Sorry if anything in this post is wrong, and for the low quality picture, Thanks!


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Oh right, it will probably be easier to get them to eat daphnia, I have such bad luck with fish I've become a hypochondriac!, and no unfortunately they weren't my culls, my cherry shrimp had them, and I can only see 1 now!, Maybe more will survive next time after I heavily plant it next week! Thanks.
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