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It started a few weeks before Christmas that I notice one of my espei rasboras had a white/pale swell (not cottony) on the end of its body (near the tail), then few days after another rasbora had also got a white bump on one side of its body over the large area under its dorsal fin and the fish looked un-symmetrical when viewed from the top. A week later both fish died, symptoms include loss of appetite, inability to swim, drifting with currents, and loss of colour. The swells (cysts) have also spread and gotten larger days before death.
Today I just euthanized another one of them because I have noticed the exact initial symptom again (a white swell near the tail and a slight bulge on its right-side). I felt terribly bad and I just want to know if the disease might spread to all other fish, since I euthanized it before it actually died of a grotesque death and I want to know if this is early enough. So far the rest of them display no symptom at all. Sorry I don't have any pictures taken and I hope the descriptions are sufficient enough. This IS NTD right?
I have 5 more espei rasboras left in addition to a dwarf chain loach.
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