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Neon Tetra Disease?

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Good morning. One of my neon tetras has what I am afraid is Neon Tetra Disease. The fish acts healthy, swims normally, eats fine, but has these whitish patches on his body. It has had these patces for a week or so and I dont see this on any other fish. The 29 gallon tank is about 9 months old and has 18 neon tetras, 6 dwarf neon rainbowfish, plus some breeding cherry shrimp. The tetras have been in there about 7 months without issue. Everything was quarantined and I have added no livestock or plants to the tank for 5 months or so. Water parameters are stable with
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30% water changes every 4 days.

I have attached a photo of 2 fish. The upper fish has the patches - lower one seems fine.

I am also attaching a photo of a tiny worm(?) with tentacles that is attached to the front glass. I believe it is harmless, but had never seen one before.

Can someone tell me if the fish has neon tetra disease. And if I should do more than just remove it and hope it did not spread. The tank is heavily planted and hardscaped - not feasible to dismantle.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Bob
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Second picture is hydra. Harmless to adult shrimp and fish, but it may sting and eat tiny fry or shrimplets. You can remove them manually if you don't have too many of them, but if you do have a lot, it could be because you're overfeeding.
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Thanks. I just looked up hydra and see that you are absolutely correct. Got that one and so far, I don't see any more. I will limit my feeding. Thanks again.
I hope I also get some equally good advice on the neon. Bob
I was really hoping for some advice on this neon. I am attacing another photo I took today. The fish still acts fairly normal - eats, schools, very active. Possibly swims angled down in front, but they all seem to do this somewhat. It as been almost 2 weeks since I first noticed the patches. No other fish is exhibiting this. Are these patches someting I need to worry about? Thanks - Bob
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I know this is super old, but did you ever figure out what it was? what was the outcome? One of my neons looks similar and has a lot of the same circumstances you mentioned, and I can't figure it out.
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