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I have had a bunch of fish die, and I'm hoping that someone may have some insight as to what is killing them. It's either my extremely high gH or some weird disease. The symptoms are: visibly eating/healthy one day, swimming erratically the next, followed by death within a few hours. Usually there is evidence of subdermal hemorrhaging in deceased fish. The erratic swimming is a 100% death sign. A few have had white patches on top of their heads, but I'm not sure if that is due to whatever is killing them or a secondary disease, or injury from the erratic swimming.

The interesting thing is, these are the fish that are dying: Cardinal Tetras (lost about 10), Rummy Tetras (lost about 18), Hillstream Loaches (lost 4).

I have a dozen hatchetfish that are without losses, along with kuhli loaches, clown killfish, a betta, and a dozen or so otocinclus cats.

The deaths started after I brought a gnarly batch of cardinals in from Petco, all of which died within a few days. Lesson learned.

Water parameters:

kH: 3
gH: 19 (I'm wondering if this could be the cause?)
Temp: 78 steady
Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite: 0

I use RO/DI water with a TDS of 0; I buffer kH with baking soda. My gH is off the scale courtesy of some rocks that I put in my tank (they were boiled first).

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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