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Neon tetra die every day

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Hi all,

My neon tetra keep dying everday, i lost 5 tetras this week alone.
I got 90 liters heavily planted tank with external canister filter.
So to prevent this, i did a 60% water change once in 4 days, aeration for 24x7. And also added 3 drops of anti parasite liquid everyday but no increase in result till now..
Please please help me with this, Alteast i shld save the remaining!!! :-(

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Hi narayana,

:) Before I could help you and give you some good answers to find out what is causing the neon tetras deaths, what are your water parameters? What is your pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels at? Your tank could still be cycling.
How long has the tank been set up?
What are the other fish?
When did the problem start? Had you added something close to that point?
Do they show any symptoms?
Are these new additions to your tank or have you had them a while?
@neonflux: Did 50% water change yesterday, n here goes my details.
No3- 10mg/l
No2- 0mg/l
Gh >7 °d
Kh - 10°d
Ph - 7,6
Cl2 - 0
And my tank is 6 months old

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@betta, jrman: its a 6 month old tank
I got 2 guppies, 4 glass blood fin tetras, 5-6 shrimps
I believe that this problem started after adding liquid fertiliser - 'porpoise- plant nutriments'.. and may be after i cleaned my canister filter (i cleaned only the top filter media, did not touch bio-ball, n ceramic rings)

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Few pics of dying neon tetra...


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the thing with these neon is they die for no reason... -.- when getting them home to a new tank they will tend to just die off... i got a few for my wifes tank and they all die within 2 weeks even with a SLOW drip accumulation say 1 drop per 2 sec for 2 hours and they still die... i would stay away from neons and card tetra's as they die really easy... i would go with a more hardy fish like celestial pearl danios as they are great looking and are rapidly breeding day in and day out...
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I wish I would have done my homework. Without doing much research, we picked up 10 Cardinals for my sons 20g. Before we even got home we lost 2. Got the 2 replaced and within 3 days, 3 had died. We now have 7 Cardinals and it's been 2 weeks now. (Crossing fingers)
Almost looks like NTD to be honest. (neon tetra disease)
I have found the neon/card tetra to be pretty hardy for it's size.
Though I have nothing to offer on what could be afflicting yours other than what others have already offered....
I lost a ton of them too recently, just died off one by one, bought them from Petsmart and Petco, bought a total of 20, down to 4 from the LFS that all lived.

I noticed with mine, the one that was destined to die the following day, always seperated itself and hid for the rest of the day, wouldn't eat, and then next day, dead, and another one would seperate itself and hide. I tried water changes, changing temps, and all, they were put into a mature tank too. I've pretty much given up with neons at this point.
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sadly this is par for the course with tetras, they bred so hard and transported so fast, that they are often amazingly weak when they get to the LFS.

its nothing you did, or are doing. the best advice i can offer is to wait a week or so after the fish have arrived at your LFS. that will allow for the weakest ones to die in the store, and the healthy ones to de-stress from all of the travel.

also you didn't answer jrmans question, how long have the tetras been in your tank?
Thanks all for ur reply
@little soprano: i face the same situation here, bought 20 now left with 7, adding to this another 2 separated itself n dnt eat whenever i feed...

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@solcielo Lawrencia: my tank temp is 30°c, i even had a doubt with my temp... Because for the past one month its a hot summer over here..

@aquatic delight: it been more than 3 months i hav these neon, and i did not face any problm with the transport, becaz i bought it frm my local petstore which is few blocks away..

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I keep about 70 Cardinals and I know when I buy them I will always lose a few. They are fairly hardy but you have to usually get through that first week. Once they make it through that and their colors start to darken you are usually okay. Pics don't look like anything in particular.

Is your water pretty hard?

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30℃ = 86℉ too hot for neon Tetras.
If you zoom in in your first picture, you can see the scales comming off.

I would also test your ammonia - proportionally, you added a lot more fish then you had in the tank before, I do not know how many plants and what kind you have there. 24g tank is large enough, but still. Dead fish and decaying plants also add to ammonia concentration.

Just some observations and good luck.

Thanks all for ur reply
@little soprano: i face the same situation here, bought 20 now left with 7, adding to this another 2 separated itself n dnt eat whenever i feed..

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Could be adding 20 fishes at once to 90 litres, resulted in fishes dying back to what available bacterial colony could support.
@ovt: I dnt hav ammonia test kit right now, So let me try to reduce my tank temp and wait for few more days... Will update on progress..

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