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Neon Blue Rainbows

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Anyone around here breeding them? Are they available at an lfs near me? I live in South King County. Looking for a school of them for my 90 gallon if they aren't *too* pricey.
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Recently, I think that I've either seen those at Denny's in Kirkland or The Fish Store....I'm thinking that they were at both. Not that either of those are close to you in Maple Valley...
:) Nothing is close to Maple Valley. That's what's great about it!
Is the Neon Blue the same as Neon Dwarf rainbow?

I almost always see them at Blue Sierra in Issaquah.

Ever check Fairwood Pets?, They actually have quite a selection of fish. Staff knowledge is little to none. Wasn't too happy last time I was in there though. They had "painted" fish in one tank. I asked if they knew these fish were injected to get the colors. The manager wasn't there and the young gal working was like, "oh wow, that seems odd, they sure sell fast".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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