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Hey all,

I have 4 multies for sale. 3 males and a female.
If you don't know about them, here are a few facts:

# They are world's smallest described cichlids (Around 1")
# This batch would fit just perfect in a 10G.
# They live in shells (i have a few that I can share or you can buy yours at any dollar store)
# The female rotates among the males for breeding (I have seen mine going with 2 of the 3 males I have). I also have many fries which are around 50 days old. No extra care for fries. Mom eats pallets and the small particles go to fries.
# They are known for their super cool, "bulldog like" attitude. I know it doesn't make sense right now if you haven't seen them in person. They really have a unique personality that not many fish have.
# They are perfect shell dwellers for beginners.

Reason for selling: I have them with one other species "Sumbu shell" and they are also shell dwellers. So they both are having a bit of conflict. And I really really want Sumbu shells to spawn. For that, multies have to go.

I can easily go and hand it over to any LFS here but I want them to go to someone responsible who will take care of them. This is the best place to find responsible hobbyists I think.

$35 for all, which is even cheaper than what I paid for them when they were really small. I will also throw in a small bag full of the food that they are eating right now. Its a mix of NLS Thera A+ and Southern d'light.

Here are a few photos of them.

I cannot put the video link here but if you'd go to youtube and type "Sumer Tiwari", you'd find my channel and the very first vid is gonna be theirs.

Weather on my side is pretty good right now. We are hitting 70-75F today. I can ship priority (without live arrival guarantee) or express (with live arrival guarantee but shipping is NOT refundable).
Shipping with priority should not be more than $15-18 and express $40 or so. That being said, it might depend on the final package weight and your address. I will ship in Kordon breather bags and Styrofoam box. i dont have any heat packs so please watch your weather.

PM me if you have any questions.
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