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Life is getting busy & it's time to reduce the number of tanks we have up & running. I'm testing the waters on deciding if I'm just going to shut down & store the stuff we're not going to use, or sell it all. If anyone is interested in any of the below stuff, just let me know & I can PM/email/text photos. I'm not going to give it away, but I'm sure we can come to some sort of a fair agreement. I am only selling what you see on this list.

  • SOLD valisneria (6"-24" tall) $1-2 each
  • SOLD anubias barteri (12+ overgrown pieces... 6-12 leaves each... some leaves are well over 6" each)
  • SOLD marbled or albino ancistrus (longfin or standard fin)... dozens available, ranging from .25"-9" long ea. with multiple breeding pairs, so price varies for each, or all for $150
  • striped raphael catfish pair, both are at least 9" long, $100 for pair, Price is FIRM
  • SOLD spotted raphael catfish 3"-6" ea.
  • SOLD striped raphael catfish 4"-7" ea.
  • SOLD 5"-7" yoyo loach
  • SOLD 11"+ royal plec
  • SOLD all the pond snails you want (FREE, if you're getting something else too)
Tanks, Filters & Lights:
  • two marineland 20H tanks with lids for $30 each
  • six 14g-15g acrylic store display tanks, plumbed, but no lids for $20 each
  • 24"-36" T8 lights
  • 90+ of the common blue airstones for $0.20 each, or 10/$1
Co2 Equipment: (do not want to separate, make a reasonable offer for all)
  • 20lb Co2 tank (almost full) with Milwaukee MA957 regulator
  • still in box MC122 pH controller kit, with MA911 pH probe (never removed from box, but box wasn't sealed)
  • sealed in box MA911B/2 pH probe (this is an extra)

These are for local deals only. Sorry, but I won't ship. I'll be happy to meet up near Nashville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Cookeville, Bowling Green, etc. for an exchange.
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