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Hi all,

I am new to tropical and I am hoping to start a planted tropical tank in the next few weeks, I'm all for taking things slowly. I purchased a tank set up second hand for a bargain which is great but after trawling many a web site (mainly this one) the Lighting does not seem sufficient for a decent planted tank. The tank is a 2 ft by 1 ft and only has a 15watt bulb in the hood.

I am on a tight budget and was hoping someone would tell me if there was a solution for fitting some more light into the existing hood. I think it is quite a popular hood so I was hoping someone out there has had a similar problem.

I have attached a photo of the underside of the hood

The hood has a lid at the front with an handle inset that will make it difficult to fit another tube along side the existing one, the ballast takes up the whole of the back on the hood. I suppose I could dodge it and remove the handle maybe, which would allow me to squeeze in an additional tube

If anyone needs any more info let me know, any suggestions would be great.

Thanks for looking :)
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