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need suggestion for DIY bubble counter

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I am pretty much ignorant when it comes to co2. i am running DIY co2 through an air stone right now during lights on with out much regulation. will a DIY bubble counter help? i found 2 options to making one which would be extremely cost effective for me since i work at an animal hospital and have access to syringes, transfusion/infusion lines, etc...

what do you guys think? any other setup suggestions are welcome, and how exactly do i use it? haha :icon_redf

any help is GREATLY appreciated . u guys rock
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The first one is amazing. It is very easy to do and cheap. I filled it up by blowing water in it from my mouth (lol) after sealing it. This also helped me see it was leak proof. You can shake out the water if you put two much in it. A pressure valve is great, but leaves room for a leak in co2.
thanks for the input! so obviously the tubing from the co2 bottle connects into the bottom. what would i connect to the top? an air stone into the tank?

p.s. i'm also a sew-er! in the process of finishing my first quilt :)
I personally like the lee's discard-a-stone as the fine ones give a nice stream of bubbles. I have also used airstones, toothpicks and chopsticks. I find chopsticks to be wonderful, but they get blackish quickly. The lee's I use and interchange them every few months (for cleaning). They eventually break down, but not for a while. Air stones would be the last thing I would recommend due to the larger bubble size.

That is great about the quilt! I am happy for you. The first one will always be your favorite, by the way. :) Be sure to send me pictures! I love quilts.
yes ill be sure to show you when it's finished :) one last question.. should i put another check valve between the syringe and the stone?
Yes, you should have a check valve between your bubble counter (syringe) and the air stone.

This is to prevent a back siphon from forming and having water flow back into your syringe (or worse, past it and into your DIY mixture, etc).
You can, but it is not necessary since you already have one. I actually have three on one of my tanks. Just remember to check them so often to make sure they are still working and the co2 has broken down the plastic components.
thanks for your input guys! so here it is! just cost me 2$ for the check valve. used epoxy for turtle shell repairs and a 12mL syringe from work :) running at 1 bps with a fresh sugar/yeast mixture
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Looks perfect. Great job on the DIY. I now expect a Journal to be started. :)
haha- i do have a journal going, but im having some trouble with my plants, part of the reason i needed to keep a closer eye on my co2 delivery. i am awaiting dry ferts in the mail. my leaves are turning black in spots of my stem plants and falling off, also the roots are turning black and dissolving on some of them! :(
You'll see a lot of improvement with the co2. I am off to find your journal!
i dont see another check valve on the top, i hope you have one.
i dont see another check valve on the top, i hope you have one.
Why would they need one if the bubble counter has one??
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