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Hello everybody, as you can see, I'm new here! I've been rooting around this site and reading up on a lot of posts to try and gain some knowledge about starting a planted tank.

Well I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Andy and I live in the great state of Maryland:icon_bigg. I've had great sucess with fish keeping, so I figured I would try a planted tank and figured you might be able to help me out a bit cuz i'm a little lost:icon_redf. My birthday is comming up in March so I was going to make up a list of equipment I need for my tank and ask that for my birthday:icon_bigg.

Anyway, my question now is (they're prolly will be much more to come:icon_lol:) what kind of filter would you recommend for my 29 gallon tank. I currently have a Whisper filter but I don't think that will work for a planted tank or will it? Also, would you recommend the DIY CO2 method or do you think I should go all-out and get a CO2 reactor? Also is there any other additional equipment I need (I already have a heater)?

Thanks a lot, I hope I didn't dump too many questions on ya!

Take care,
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